The Brave Rooster
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Hatching of the rooster
The Brave Rooster is a family-owned and operated business located in Salem, VA, in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains.   The Brave Rooster joined with a Hen and four chicks in 2009 and thus became affectionately known as the "Rooster".  Since 2009, the small clock shop, once owned solely by the Rooster, grew with the Hen's antique collection and The Brave Rooster  concept was hatched. 

 The Brave Rooster was born out of the desires and collections of  two individuals, one with a passion for antique clocks and the other with a collection of antique furniture and accessories.  As the collections grew, it was decided that they should share their quality findings with others, and thus The Brave Rooster was officially launched.  

​At The Brave Rooster, we strive to place unique and vintage items  into our online store, so we can  bring you, our customer, unique and quality finds. You will  not find hundreds of items in our store, but you will find unique and quality items, often one of a kind pieces, each with their own history conveyed with detailed pictures. We will do our best to describe each item and share any history that we find.  For us, that's the most rewarding part of the sale. 

Thomas and Kristin