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Here is a rare Seth Thomas #1 office calendar in rose wood. It runs and keeps time, day and date.  These clocks are very hard to find in this condition. $2500
Ithaca clock in  dark walnut. It's a beauty and running just fine and is one of the nicest I've seen.  $650.00
Very heavy clock and in running condition.  Unsure of maker but swings/runs  for around 5 days. $675.00
Real nice Walnut Seth Thomas #2 in mint condition.   $1600.00
Very old key wind clock with a music box alarm;  very rare.   $250.00
Beautiful porcelain Waterbury in clock in perfect running condition.  $475.00
New haven Clock Company and we are offering a  very large clock in great  condition.           $275..00
Here is a rare Cherry # 2 Seth Thomas. $1975.00
Seth Thomas owl alarm running and alarms; very nice.    $135.00
Very nice Waterbury in  good running order with  a door on the bottom; nice clock.    $255.00
This a nice large french statue clock that strikes on a bell.    $575.00
Very Rare automaton cuckoo clock; made in Germany.       $475.00
Very nice Seth Thomas Crystal Regulator with mercury pendulum; runs great.  $465.00
Here we have a very nice early and rare weight driven clock.  These are the smallest weight driven clocks made by Eli Terry around 1865. It is  the best reverse painting I have ever seen on a clock.     $425.00
Here we have a very desirable 8 day pillar and splat wooden works clock.  These are hard to find and is a must have for the eight day clock collector.          $775.00
Here we have a beautiful Seth Thomas Garfield weight driven shelf clock.   These are prized by collectors.         $1975.00
Fashions #2 which is a  nice clock with a repainted original dial.  $975.00
Here is a Baird reproduction coke clock.   This clock is numbered 126 out of 2500 and was licensed by Coke.  This is a large clock and is  running great.  It's a great buy at only  
only $675.00.
Very Rare German Ribbon clock with time, date, and day.  Very rare and hard to find.    $2775.00
Here we have a really nice Seth Thomas Lincoln'  it is the sister clock to the Garfield.     $1275.00
Waterbury #54.   This is one large beautiful clock.   It is 54 inches tall and serviced; ready to take home and hang.       $1600
Rolex watch in stainless steel.   18k white gold bezel is polished looks great.   The watch is  running great and looks new.  It has just been  serviced.    $2650.00
Pittsburg and Lake Erie Seth Thomas #2 and is also known as the little Giant Railroad.
Very Early Terry clock with Terry movement        NFS
Very nice late 1700's English bell strike tall case ready to add Beauty to any room. only  $1750.00
Blinking eye clock $250.00
jaeger- coultre the clock that runs off air you never have to wind and is of fine quality swiss made this one is running strong and looks great.
mystery flying ball clock one to amaze all who see it run . $150.00
Ansonia Captial glass regulator one of the most sought after of the crystal regulators the pendulums are beautiful and they put them behind the gong .Rare find 
  $ 600.00
OK when it comes to tall case clock they don't get any better than this here we have a PA rocking ship clock this clock is walnut and heavy this is a $8000 clock here we have it for $5500 for those who want the best here it is.
seth thomas #1 1885 model beautiful rare model #1  $3,200
Here it is the Cherry Seth Thomas #6 this is a stunning clock and the rarest of them all in cherry wood all 100% original  3,975
Walnut Seth Thomas #6 with nickle trim one beautiful clock $3600
Waterbury # 3 stunning walnut case great clock for little cost $1500
Nice Chelsea heavy brass clock and barometer early and the best made. $575.00
Very beautiful National Calendar and clock company Black dial rare 
LOOK HERE a super rare WELCH #5 BONNET TOP these are weight drive and seldom ever seen $4275.00
Charles Shepherd chronometer this is a very rare model come in original box will to restore box but in running order...
Here we have a nice wormy Chestnut case made my Walter Berry around 1860 has a date and Name on Dial Jerome Movement weight driven  priced to sell 
Here is a Mahogany Seth #2 with a super nice case running great and has the Stunning western MD on dial has all labels this is one nice clock 
The beautiful #6 in walnut case with nickle trim the best one I have had .
                      $ 3400
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Ansonia Clock Porcelain   $325.00

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