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Here is the perfect kitchen clock DR Pepper nice rose wood case $350.00
Laurel Flour Store regulator super nice oak case clock is in excellent condition  $795.00
Seth Thomas #6 in Cherry the best of the best    $3200
Here it is the full size Orange crush store Regulator $775.00
Seth Thomas rose wood Coke clock this is one nice clock  $800.00
Baxters Store regulator with Baxter 5c Tobacco and niser pendulum this is a time and strike clock $795.00
Rare drum head coke cola clock 
Seth Thomas #10 office Calendar in Walnut so hard to come by this on is Amazing $8500
Gilbert 14 weight driven a lot of clock for the little money called the shark tooth clock   $650.00
Seth Thomas Lincoln  in  walnut weight driven time and strike beautiful  $1325
Seth Thomas cherry in cherry wood hard clock to find all original $1200
Charles Shepherd  Ships chronometer one of the finest ever made also had a hand in Big Ben case is Amazing and runs 56 hrs plus has original this is the best . $2800
Welch #5 two weight regulator with all original weights and gold leaf pendulum  great price $2500